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Smart transport Solutions

Public transport commuters are always on the lookout for fast, convenient and cost-efficient services. In order to meet their demands transport operators must provide a secure, advanced and optimized system that also reduces fraud. The contactless technology meets all the above and also helps reducing the congestion in major cities.

The Cairo Metro was one of the first underground "subway" systems that use NXP Desfire contactless technology. Masria is currently supplying and personalizing all the Cairo Metro cards since the project was awarded in 2008.

MCS Air pay Desfire is the combination of the latest M/Chip Applet (M/Chip Advance) / Visa Paywave Applet along with the latest Transit Applet (Desfire) already being presented in Cairo Metro and Railways.

By using this technology, banks can issue cards to users who have a multi-application card with 2 wallets:


EMV Wallet

Metro/Railway Wallet